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Understanding by DesignTM


Understanding by Design is a course design framework.  It guides teachers in identifying the abilities students should have at the end of their course.  Once these real-world performances are understood, the teacher works backward from them designing every aspect of the course.


Additionally, our team is available to teach various short courses in leadership, intercultural communication and our flagship module - "Critical Thinking for Secondary and Post Secondary Teachers" . Email us for more inforamtion     

Competency-Based Program Development  


You will learn how to develop programs that prepare people for specific careers and ministries.  Using a competency based approach, you will be able to outline the path (a series of courses/modules) a person must follow to develop the abilities needed career they are pursuing.  


Through our unique survey and assessment tool, your faculty will help us diagnose what areas we need address first in this process. Using this tool enables the EbD team to custom design training to suit your needs and time-frames

Three Core Modules


The EdB team are trainied and experienced in delivering our 3 core modules which comprises of around 40 hours of interactive workshop instruction.


The three modules are:

1. Identifying Desired Results

2. Determining Acceptable Evidence

3. Designing Learning Experiences

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Video Tutorials 
What is UbD? 

Watch this brief video to get an idea of what UbD is all about 

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