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Frequently Asked Questions



 01  What is UbD?

UbD is a way of thinking purposefully about curricular plan- ning and school reform. It offers a 3-stage design process, a set of helpful design tools, and design standards -- not a rigid program or prescriptive recipe. The primary goal of UbD is student understanding: the ability to make meaning of “big ideas” and transfer their learning. UbD “unpacks” and transforms Content Standards into the relevant Stage 1 elements and appropriate assessments in Stage 2. Understanding is revealed when students autonomously transfer their learning through authentic performance. Six facets of understanding – the capacity to explain, interpret, apply, shift perspective, empathize, and self assess – serve as indicators of understanding.Teachers are coaches of understanding, not mere purveyors of content or activity. They design for and support “meaning making” and “transfer” by the learner; and adjust to achieve intended results. Planning is best done ”backward” from the desired results and the transfer tasks that embody the goals. The 3 Stages (Desired Results, Evidence, Learning Plan) must align for the unit to be most effective. Regular reviews of curriculum against design standards enhance curricular quality and effectiveness.




 02  Who is EbD? 

The consultants who form the Education by Design team (EbD) have over 100 years collective experience in higher education and training around the globe. For us, it is a passion and we desire to come alongside and assist Colleges, Universities and Schools be true to their mission and vision and help Faculty become even better at what they do. 




 03  How much do you charge? 

Our service charge depends on the location  of the training, services required and other factors. We will engage with you to find out what your needs are and design a consult unique to your institution. Email us to get started. 




 04  How long does the training take? 

​It all depends on what training you do and how in depth you require it to be. We can cater from anywhere between a half-day presentation to a full 5 day workshop 




 05  I have more questions...

Send us an email or engage us on social media for more specific answers to your questions 

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